A grand opening

I happen to find a a club while looking through the events list. I don’t usually look through the events list because most of it’s spam. Anyway, I came across a club called Studio B. Now when I go into any kind of club I judge by if I get a “welcome” or a”Hi”. If I don’t get any of those and no one even acknowledges I’m there or any other new comers have arrived I leave and never go back. There is no use staying there and being ignored while they only talk to certain people who are most likely in there circle of friends.

Anyway back to Studio B, I got there and was immediately welcomed and all that. As people arrived we talked and it was very friendly and they played good music. They played dance music like Techno, House, remixes and stuff like that.

So if you have nothing to do on Thursday May 22nd @ 5pm SL time go to their grand opening, it will be fun! I hope to see you there. 🙂

Here is a picture of the party they had just to test stuff out..


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