Freebies & Discounts for Newbies in Second Life

I am always in search of stuff whether it be free or at a discount in second life. I came across some nice stuff and I want to share with you!

I remember as a newbie in SL I was desperate to find some nice hair, clothes, skins etc as soon as possible because lets face it you start out looking silly. So here are some places I found to get stuff to start out with. 

First off I found hair that was cheap at ETD. Go to the discount part of the store. There’s nice hair(s) there for 1 linden. They also have a few shirts, pants there and some shoes but the shoes are more then the hair. 

Another place to go where everything is free is a place called Velvet Free Boutique.  There is a walk AO there for women. When you walk into the women’s side it’s on your left from the door I think, It’s on the wall. You will want that until you get a better one. Then you won’t walk around like you have something stuck. 😉  They have clothes, hair, skins, shoes, etc. Plus a lot of other things.

Another place to go if you have some money is Nyte’N’Day. They have nice clothes and if you go to the discount part of the store you can find some nice stuff for cheaper. They also have free skin and shapes for newbies. It’s a sign (near the door I think), click on it. The shape and skins are pretty nice. The freebie also has other goodies. 

I know there are more places out there but this is all I can think of right now. If you have places you know about please leave them here. Also if you ever are in world and need help look me up (Natasha Burke). I like helping. 🙂

Oh and if click on the links they will teleport you to the place in second life.


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