There vs. Second life

Which is better? Go to ariane’s blog and read what she thinks. 🙂

Here is a snippet from her blog:

Those of us into social virtual worlds have been debating this for 5 years: Which is better, There or Second Life?

For the longest time, the answer was, “It depends what you want to do.” Building was always better in Second Life, communication and “toys” (pets, cars, guns, hoverboards, etc) were better in There.

In the past year, the rules have changed. Second Life has voice now, just like There. Ingenious developers and more versatile port-a-zones, has improved building in There to the point that it is comparable to Second Life.

There still has a better sales system, but Second Life’s new search capabilities allow you to search for specific objects for sale and find where they are being sold.

The new Windlight graphics system and Havoc 4 physics system in Second Life has pretty muched wiped out any advantages There had in those departments.

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