I was out and about and found some freebies and some cheaply priced stuff.

First lets start with the sunglasses I found. They are from Role Optic They have the american colours on them (for the fourth of july). You can click on them while on and they will do something. I have not tried that yet. 🙂

When you land, the display is to your right.

They are a freebie until July 4th. So hurry if you like them!

Also behind the freebie display they have sunglasses for L$50.


eLDee has some tops for L$3, they are called “November tops” and they are right as you walk into the entrance. Right beside those shirts is an outfit called “Taste of Atoll” it’s L$10.

Here is the Taste of Atoll outfit

November tops (you get..black, silver and white) I have the silver on in this pic.

Also at eLDee’s store you can camp in a chair for 60mins for an outfit for free. The original outfit price is L$250. I didn’t camp for it but here is a picture from the wall.

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