Got to love hunts!

There are two hunts going on, One with TwistedRose and the other with Topaz Square.

Here is the Note card I got:

**TOPAZ SQ. has set out these items inside the store area;
5 boxes in total for the full Xandria Collection. (Sign in store)

Every few (4-6) hours “35-40 Surprise boxes” will be hidden. From hair, to boots, to more!

**Twisted Rose will have 3 boxes of goodies hidden thru out store.


** IF YOU HAVE “Surprise Box #1” & FIND ANOTHER “Surprise Box #1” LEAVE IT THERE !! TK U:))**

All Items are Copy & not Transfer Enabled. No point in taking a box you already have. 🙂

Boxes will be named and Numbered;

Topaz Square~Xandria #1 of 5 (#2 of 5, #3 of 5, #4 of 5, #4 of 5)
Topaz Square~ Surprise Box #1 and so forth. (**remember no double taking!!)

Twisted Rose~ Hunt Box #1 of 3 (#2 of 3 & #3of 3)

Locations of boxes will change thru course of this Hunt event.

Good Luck & HAVE FUN!!

CaSimone & Phia 🙂

Here is what the boxes look like

Twisted Rose box

Topaz Square box

Oh and before I forget, there are three freebies in the Twisted Rose store. One is earrings (you get 3 different colours), A tattoo and a necklace. Here is a picture of the display:

Have fun!

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