Jolie et gratuit

“Pretty and free” is what the title means in french, which is what I found.

First I found with the help of Sai (thank you!) was a dress that was on a lucky board. She was waiting for her letter and mine happen to come up. I hope her letter comes up soon and she gets the dress. 😦

This stuff is from Hal*Hina

It’s called “Dark blue camisole dress” You can win it from the lucky Board.

While I was at that store I found some other free things…

Star earrings

Denim Skirt (in a gift bag on a counter as you walk up the steps)

Capri pants (another bag next to the skirt on the same counter)

Mint tunic dress is a group gift

and the white tunic dress I camped for (20 mins.) It was worth it. 🙂

There is also a free black dress at Twisted rose. It’s near or on the counter. It comes in short and long version.

Cocktail Length..

Party Length…


4 responses to “Jolie et gratuit

  1. And omg. Just now, when I was reading this post…. an S finally came up on the board! Woot!

    /me does happy dance 😀

  2. You got the titel wrong. You should change it to “Joli et gratuit” (which rhymes as well). Libre means free as in freedom, not freebie.

    Nice site you got here 🙂

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