group gifts

I had a few group gifts when I logged in to SL..

This one is from SySy’s. It’s called “green floral lace bra and panties” (group gift, subscribe -o- matic)

Next I have a jeweled top from PixelDolls (It’s a little risque) (also a group gift)

Next we have a free wedding dress from G&N Quality Design. I’m not sure how long it will be there so hurry!

6 responses to “group gifts

  1. The wedding dress is lovely, isn’t it. But I just couldn’t get the skirt to fit right. It was too big around my waist and whatever I did, I couldn’t get it to fit.

  2. The dress is lovely, I agree.

    Yes, I had the same problem. I didn’t get it fixed properly but you can’t really tell in the pictures I don’t think. lol

  3. @Natasha
    I just found this blog. Thanks very much to have us in your blog.

    Oh that is unpleasant to hear that. Please send Nikki Heron or me (Georg Stonewall) a IM or notecard with your name and your online times. We get back to you then. I am sure we get it right for your shape too.
    Sorry for this difficulties.

  4. Hello Georg, nice to meet you! No worries on the dress on my end. I got it fixed on me,I tried again. I love the dress, Thank you for making it free!:)

  5. Nice to meet you too Natasha. I am really happy to hear that you got it fixed. Nikki was so down when i told her about this difficulties and we did a updated version of the skirt now. So everybody who has still problems with fitting our skirt shall IM us and we replace the skirt with the updated version.
    Thanks for all.

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