I need help

So my intuition told me that someone was spying on me in SL but it was confirmed by a friend a few weeks ago. Who knows why they are spying on me but I don’t expect anything less of these two. It’s childish and it makes me wonder what they are looking for. Maybe they want me to talk to another guy so they can run back to my fiance and say “omg she’s cheating on you!” because you know just talking to someone of the opposite sex is cheating. *rolls eyes*

Anyway back to the needing help part..
I was wondering if anyone knew of any program in SL that would protect me against this? I don’t know much about what they are using. This childish person was bragging about how she could see chat and see where certain AVs were and what they were doing but that’s all I know. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m still in Europe until Oct 2nd so I’m not in a hurry(I don’t really have time to log in at the moment) and really I made not need anything. Maybe I should just let them keep spying on me although I like my privacy even in SL even if there is no such thing..lol. It’s sad that people have no life and have to resort to spying in a virtual world.

Thank you in advance for any help. 🙂


3 responses to “I need help

  1. As far as knowing when your logged on and off, there isn’t much that can be done about that.

    Knowing exactly where a certain avatar is is a little iffy. I don’t really think there are any commands in LSL to detect exactly where someone is unless they’re on the same sim as the object doing the scanning. Having something relay chat is very possible, but it’s hard to do without you knowing. Make sure you don’t have any chatbugs attached or around places you hang out. Turn on the option to view transparent objects and turn on beacons for scripted objects and see if you can find anything you’re not familiar with. If you’ve received any attachable items from people, check the scripts inside to make sure there isn’t anything you’re not familiar with.

    When it comes to someone bragging about things like this, I’d wait for proof before jumping to any conclusions. Odds are they can do a lot less that they’re saying they can.

    If you have any other questions or need some help looking for bugs, feel free to contact me if I’m on. :]

  2. You can always report them with the sanction “Disturbing The Peace” which is clearly stated in the TOS that no one is allowed to spy on anyone especially when you wnat you’re SL world to be peaceful. =)

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