Three more freebies

Today has been one of those days. Sometimes my PC likes SL and other times it doesn’t. I think I need a new video card on top of that. It’s hard for me to take nice pictures lately without crashing or having other stuff go wrong.

Anyway while my PC was cooperating I got some pictures of freebies and Dollarbles!

The first one is from *!-candy* main store. There’s a wall with things on it from L$1 to L$10. Also make sure to check out their other stuff too. The prices aren’t bad.

Next up…

M&R cupcakes has a freebie (The hotpant Bikini in Camo Purple) this freebie will only be free for 24 hours, so hurry and get there!

and last but not least…

G&N Quality Designs has a new freebie this week. It’s called “Punky Witch outfit” and it comes with a broom and Hat. Their freebies are always high Quality so imagine what their other stuff is like, you got it……beautiful. So make sure to look around. 🙂 Also to keep up with the new freebie of the week and the newest designs and sales you can check Nikki’s blog here.

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