Sales and Freebies!

You have to get to M&R Cupcakes because there are having a sale! All Birthday suit skins are BOGO (Buy one get one free!). Also all of their old dresses can be found in the bargain basement. They are all L$10!


[42] have a a freebie. It’s a white t-shirt.

This is also from the note card I got from [42]..
I’m going to leave last week’s free skin up for one more week as well, if you haven’t gotten it already you better grab it cuz it’s going away next Saturday!

42 also has new sweaters and stuff out. They are very nice and you can wear the white freebie shirt under then to make them look even nicer!

CnS has a freebie pose out. It’s called “away”…

They also have new poses so go check them out! They have also moved so make sure you save the landmark.

P.S. I would of taken picture of me in this stuff but SL once again was being a pain. 😦


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