Random Pictures

I’m sorry I have not been posting freebies but I have not found anything that isn’t already posted on other blogs. When I find something I will post it.

I went to the carnival of doom the other day for the second time since I started playing in SL again. This time was a bit different then last for me.

All of these picture are on my flickr account. Click on them to see a bigger picture.

While I was there I decided to get cotton candy…
Carnival of Doom

It then made me sick…
Carnival of Doom
It was gross but funny

Then I fell off a ride and died and ended up here…
Carnival of Doom
But at least I got a balloon!

After all that was done I went to a cool animations shop (AKEYO) and found a yummy Doughnut to sit on…
Sitting on a doghnut

The End. 🙂

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