Blogger Challenge: What’s in Your Bag?

Shopping cart disco is doing a challenge called “What’s in your bag”. I decided to join this one and show you what’s in my bag.

Here are the rules:

Dump out your bag (no cleaning!) and post a pic of it. Men with messenger bags, this applies to you, too. Bullet-point the contents with amusing commentary.

I’m not sure how amusing this will be but here we go…

Click on the picture to make it bigger

Purse Challenge

What’s in my bag (yes, it’s tiny):

  • My wallet from the store animal (I got it when I was in the UK) with money and other stuff.
  • Note pad and pen. You never know when you are going to need it.
  • Victoria’s secret coupons. Yeah I do shop there and yes I have used them. I love that store. Jon does too…lol
  • Key chain from coach with the house key on it. It also has a best buy rewards card on it and a grocery store card thing that I never used.
  • Lip stuff to keep my lips pretty and soft.
  • My cell phone.
  • Stride gum. I am alwyas chewing gum. (No, I don’t smoke)
  • A band-aid…I have no idea how that got in there.
  • a ponytail holder.
  • A comb. It’s something I always carry with me.
  • Last but not least there is my purse from Coach. I love it and always use it. I have 1235123511 others purses and I always go back to that one…lol

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