Indi Designs

Indi Designs has a freebie surprise puzzle going on and it’s week 1. That means every week (Saturdays) there will be a new part of the clothing item reveled.

Here is what the note card said..

Every week (on Saturdays) there will be another part of the outfit available for L$1. The current part is shown on the picture. Only the part of the current week is available. Previous parts aren’t available due the time the outfit is fully disclosed.

The freebie puzzle for men is located on the first floor as well as the woman’s one.

To receive the parts of the outfits please touch the picture.

The whole outfit includes 5 parts this time. If you miss one part, you will get the chance to buy it for 5 L$ for each part in the last week


The woman’s puzzle…

Men’s puzzle…

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