Live Music

No this isn’t a freebie post but this blog wasn’t going to be a totally freebie blog when I started it. 🙂

Anyway, I decided to go to a live event I heard so many good things about and that was HatHead Rickenbacker. His set was one of the best I heard in a while with a mix of jazz, blues, funk, soul and electronica. I wish I would of went to one of his events sooner. You ask what was holding me back? Well a few things but on advice from friends I just went. I plan on going to more of his events when real life lets me. My friends were right when they said “Don’t let the acts of people decided where you can and can’t go”…I agree with them and it wont be happening again. 🙂

So anyway here are some pictures of HatHead’s live event and then the after party we decided to throw…

(Click on the pictures to view bigger ones)

HatHead on his keyboard and everyone dancing…
Dancing To HatHead's live Music

The after party. I would name everyone there except I only remember a few names so I wont put names.
After Party

After Party

After Party

After Party

After Party

Last but not least HatHead dancing..
HatHead Dancing

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