Lots of stuff!

I have a lot of stuff to show you today so this post will have lots of pictures. So let get to it. 😀

Tiara from Twisted and spoiled (lucky chair)
Twisted and spoiled Tiara

A pretty dress called “Paris” by Twisted and spoiled (Lucky chair)
TS Paris Dress

The jeans are from Twisted and spoiled lucky chair and the shirts (4 colors in the pack) are a dollarbie from Meh
Meh and Twisted & Spoiled

Here are the back of the jeans from twisted and spoiled
TS Jeans (Back)

Last but not least, Dress from sweeter then candy (group gift) and the shape “Amy” is from a new store called “Base” (It’s a dollarbie in the store)

I want to thank Sophie Arun from the store base for dropping the shape on me. Please go check her store out!

Your limos to the places…

Twisted and Spoiled


Sweeter then candy

Base shapes store

I think that’s all of them…:) Have fun!

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