Vinyl Cafe and Free Speerit gifts

I have a couple of gifts for you…

Free speerit sent out another skin to the group. It’s from the Kimberly line in Tan called “Pop”
VinylCafe and Free Speerit gift
I love it! Thank you, Desidelia.

Also in the picture the corsets I’m wearing are from Vinyl Cafe. They also have 2 Skyboxes! Here is what the note card said..

Vinyl Cafe is giving away another AMAZING Group Gift! Come and grab a totally FREE gorgeous and stylish Vinyl Cafe City Skybox PLUS a sexy laced corset! Each skybox is super low prim (under 25 each), and has beautiful ambient lighting and rich hardwood floors. Here’s the deal:

At The Main Vinyl Cafe Location:
-the gorgeous ‘Taj Mahal’ skybox in luxurious shades of greens with an amazing view of that most romantic homage to love, The Taj Mahal. Paired up with this is a sexy corset with a laced back and a green flirty bow on the front. Get it here:

At The Dominon Fashion District Location:
-the romantic ‘Rome’ skybox in luscious shades of pink with a beautiful view of an ancient bridge, chocolate brown hardwood floors and super stylish textures. We’ve paired this skybox up with another sexy corset with a laced back, this time with a flirty pink bow on the front. Get it here:

Remember, these are gifts for our Vinyl Cafe Addicts only, so make sure your tag is activated. If you aren’t in the group there is a group joiner sign in the main cafe and also in the smaller store at the Dominion.

Also, we have a Frankfurt and a London version of these skyboxes for sale. Check out our showroom for more info and to see one in person.


There you go! 🙂

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