MK Fashion

I was reading a post on a blog somewhere (I can’t remember where) and saw the “Bella” wedge shoes and loved them. I then TPed to MK Fashion to go snatch them up. When I got there I met Zbornak Docherty who was really nice. So if you see her say hi!

So the freebie (or 1L) in the store is called MK AvMatch Sneaks “Bella” green tea.
Green Tea Freebies - MK Fashion
I think they are cute!

Next up are items from MK Fashion that are not free but priced cheaply at 90L! All of the  shoes are  AV Match specials.

MK Sneaks "Bella"

MK Sneaks Wedge

MK Doc Masons

All of them have colour change menu. They also come with a Large, medium and small option in the folder.

So go to MK Fashion and look around!


5 responses to “MK Fashion

  1. My dear Natasha, thank you so much for blogging MK Fashion. I’m not the owner or even part of the management. I only do a little costumer service, but thank you kindly for mentioning me. You are rather lovely yourself! Mason Kingsford is the owner of MK Fashion. He’s the creative genius behind MK Fashion and He’s a wonderful person, a brilliant artist, and his work is amazing, as you got to see for yourself. 🙂 Thank you again!

    • I took the part about you being the owner out….sorry about

      You’re welcome and thank you for the nice compliment! Mason is a great artist and I can’t wait to see what he will come out with next. 🙂

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  3. Thank you again for correcting your post so promptly Natasha! You’re very kind, and I’m with you… I also can’t wait to see what Mason comes up with! A little tiny prim fairy heard him whispering ankle booties in his sleep… but he’s not confirming nor denying anything… 🙂

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