Summer Daze

It’s been really hot here in the real life and it reminds me of when I use to go to the beach every summer. So I couldn’t resists the outfit from Shabby cat I saw on Xstreet. The outfit comes with the swim suite, tank top and jean skirt. It’s perfect for those days you want to hang out at the pool or beach in SL. It’s not free but at 75L it’s a steal!

The Bikini has cute little ties for the bottoms and the top on the back. The bikini also has skulls on it which I like.
Shabby cat - Beach Punk

The tank top and shirt are so cute!
Shabby cat - Beach Punk

Of course you can wear all this together because everything is on different layers. You can find this outfit on xstreet and you can also find it in the Shabby cat main store in world.

Other stuff
Both Poses – Pffiou!
Hair – Novocaine
Skin – Rockberry “Uma”


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