My rezz day!

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been in second life for 5 years already!

Five years ago today I decided to join SL because I had a few friends who had signed up. I remember doing the tutorial (which was a lot different then today’s tutorial) and hating every second of it. I didn’t finish the tutorial and ended up logging out. I logged back in a month later with a friend and we both finished the horrible tutorial together. I think I logged in for a few days after that only to get frustrated with the whole experience. The last day I logged out was the last for a year. I came back in 2005 and found a few friends who helped me get better clothes, skin, hair etc. I ended up working at a club as a hostess and made pretty good lindens and I got a stipend (50L a week which I still get as long as I log in at least once a week. If I don’t log in I don’t get anything) on top of that, so I didn’t have to ever buy lindens with a credit card. Second Life got boring for me after a while and I took a long break from it and two years after that (2007) I came back and have been off and on since.

I still get bored with SL quite a bit but have made some awesome friends who make it worth logging in because with out them I would probably never log in again.

I know I showed this pictures before but here is how my avatar has progressed through the years:
Then and Now

Oh the memories…lol

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