I can’t think of a title

I have not been posting much on here but honestly I’m bored of the PC and second life. I log in to SL to get note cards and other stuff but I never stay long. Right now SL does not hold that “spark” that it once had. I’m not saying I’m leaving for good I’m just taking a break.

Right now real life has sucked me in and I love it, so that’s where I will be. 🙂

I have a few reviews to post (when I get time) , so I guess I won’t be totally quiet.

If you feel like slapping a midnight mania board for a shape Please go to my store a do so! It’s set for 50 people. Also please look around. 🙂 All my shapes are priced at L$100 and they are mod/copy.

Your Limo to my store

3 responses to “I can’t think of a title

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    • Thank you Terri, you too! Real life is way more important to me then any virtual world. The people in the virtual world that are my friends are a different story though. ❤

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