This blog post has nothing to do with fashion, so I will cut it here so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. 🙂

Lately life has been busy (the good kind, work, spending time with my lovely boyfriend and enjoying the outdoors.) for me and I have not logged into SL as much. I still have some reviews and stuff to show on this blog and they will get done but not as fast as I wanted them too. I wanted to apologize to the designers that sent me stuff. I will get to it (hopefully this week) when I get a chance. All I need to do is get pictures and the rest will come easily.

The only time I log in now is to get note cards and to go to my friend Alicia’s parties (…and who wants to miss those!). I spend about 3 hours a week in SL at the moment (Yes, I said week!).

So as of right now I’m not accepting anymore reviews until probably winter when It wont be so nice outside.


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