Quick post

I had a look of the day all ready and then when I went to size the photo I realized that it didn’t come out right.  Sooooo I will just post this picture for now because I’m too tired to retake more pictures.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for pictures…:)


I just noticed on this picture that the “lighting/glow” on the headlights are not right and I get it a lot with “lighting/glow” in SL. If you know how to fix that please let me know.

Hair: Fri.day
Shirt: Argrace
Jeans: Mischief
Boots: Reek


6 responses to “Quick post

  1. I used to have that bug when taking high res snapshots using the regular LL viewer, but I don’t have it with the Emerald viewer anymore, so maybe try using Emerald? Unless you already are and then I’m not sure what to tell ya!

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  3. I actually used the emerald viewer for this shot. I have the problem in the LL viewer too. It started with one of LL’s updates a long time ago.

    Thanks for the advice Kellee! ❤

  4. It might be your video card drivers need updating then. BUT I have heard horror stories of some people updating your video card drivers and then having SL go really wonky…but you can rollback a driver if that happens. But I would at least check your video card’s manufacturers site and see if the version of drivers you are using is the latest or outdated. Also check the jira for a bug related to glow…

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