Topic #3 – Relationships

Since I never “dated” in SL I won’t be answering the SL question but I will answer the RL question. If you want to know what the heck I’m talking about...go here

Would you start a relationship with someone you met online? Would you have a problem telling people that’s where you met? Do you think it’s easier to meet someone online rather than at work or at a club?

Yes – online is where I met my current boyfriend; We met in a game called There back in 2003, became close friends and have been together since 2008.
It has never been a problem – quite the reverse in fact. Everyone knows of the ads on TV for dating sites, so there is less stigma – and people are surprised to hear that online dating and meeting can work.

Yes and No. It can be easier because you get to know the person inside better – and you can open up easier. However, it’s also harder because you do not experience the “human touch” of being with that person face to face. But it does make the first meeting all that more special! For me, it was like being struck by lightning….and in the good way!

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