BBBC Topic #4 – What’s my age again?

I can answer both of these so…I think I will. This is what this post is about.

Question 1 – (for SL Bloggers) – Is your avatar more or less your current biological age? Do you portray a younger avatar, or older? Why is this?
My Avatar is the same age is me in RL even if she does look young. I’m not one to pretend I’m younger or older..I like being myself and acting my age.

Queation 2 – (for RL Bloggers) – Do you lie about your age? Do you think you act your age? Are you where you thought you’d be at your current age?
I have never lied about my age but people often think I’m younger then I am because I look younger. As for acting my age..I do act my age most of the time. We all have moments when we are being silly and don’t act our age though…don’t deny it. 😉

I’m not where I want to be but I’m working very hard to get there and I’m close.


I can’t think of a title

I have not been posting much on here but honestly I’m bored of the PC and second life. I log in to SL to get note cards and other stuff but I never stay long. Right now SL does not hold that “spark” that it once had. I’m not saying I’m leaving for good I’m just taking a break.

Right now real life has sucked me in and I love it, so that’s where I will be. 🙂

I have a few reviews to post (when I get time) , so I guess I won’t be totally quiet.

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Your Limo to my store


I love having a real life friend in second life with me. It’s one way to communicate when we are so far away and unlike MSN or Yahoo messengers we can kind of interact, almost like real life although not the same.  So anyway I just wanted to share two pictures I took of us…

A little bit silly

A little more “normal”
Friends are...

On me
Dress – Pink Outfitters
Skin Rockberry (uma)
Shoes & Hair – Truth

On Samantha
Hair – Truth
Jeans – Zaara
Skin – Free Speerit
Shirt – I don’t remember what she said.

Love Thursday <3

I haven’t done a love Thursday in a while. I know, I know…lol

Anyway, I love my dog Jack, he is the cutest, sweetest, most intelligent, loving dog I know. He loves being brushed and getting loads of attention. I’m so glad Justin (“Jon” in second life) was able to bring him over from the UK. Jack is the best dog I have ever met…
Jack loves his new toy
He’s a big snuggle bug.

On a side note….I also love when Justin sings. He has a lovely singing voice. ❤

Love Thursday

I was going to do this post last week but I didn’t get a chance. Life has been busy but in a good way so I’m not complaining. 🙂

Today my post is about someone that is important to me. We went through a lot in real life to be together and I’m so glad we didn’t let the drama tear us apart. He is the best man in the world and I love him with all my heart. Without him I’m not sure where I would be or what I would be doing now.

We met back in 2003 in a different online world called There. We were both beta testing it and met through other friends. He was a DJ for a radio station online and I was friends with the people who owned it and I was at most of the parties. From that virtual world we went on and played online games together as well as talked on Yahoo voice and then on the phone. We are together in real life and the rest is history. There is a lot more to the story but I wont bore you. 🙂

So this post is dedicated to Jon (Justin in real life). He is my best friend, lover and partner in crime…..I Love you!

Love Thursday