BBBC #5 – Blogger’s choice

Hmm..I’m not really sure what to write here…

Something that bothers me in SL or anywhere for that matter are “designers” who just redo what other people have already done. I want to see some originality! I want to see what YOU can think of. I sometimes look at the SL feeds to see what’s out there and I see a lot of stuff just redone over and over and it gets boring. It’s one of the reasons I stopped looking at feeds so much.

On a different note…I just got in touch with a friend I hadn’t talked to for a few months because she was busy with school and then went to see her family. It was nice talking to her. What’s funny is we started out as “enemies” because of someone else’s lies and now we are good friends….imagine that? 🙂

That’s all I have..sorry!


I love having a real life friend in second life with me. It’s one way to communicate when we are so far away and unlike MSN or Yahoo messengers we can kind of interact, almost like real life although not the same.  So anyway I just wanted to share two pictures I took of us…

A little bit silly

A little more “normal”
Friends are...

On me
Dress – Pink Outfitters
Skin Rockberry (uma)
Shoes & Hair – Truth

On Samantha
Hair – Truth
Jeans – Zaara
Skin – Free Speerit
Shirt – I don’t remember what she said.